When shopping on MALL/Mimovrste, we strive to provide customers with the most accurate information about the availability of your products and delivery date.
By setting the delivery date (Delivery delay), you determine what kind of delivery the customer can expect, and from this the customer's purchase is determined.

According to the value you set as delivery time, we can show customers whether you have the goods - In stock with partnermeaning that the good are immediately available for delivery or if the goods will be available on request - On order.

In stock with partner

Product information "In stock with partner" will be displayed when the delivery of the order is possible within 7 days of its creation. If you have the goods in stock, the customer expects an earlier dispatch and it is advisable to select Delivery delay for the shipping settings, which corresponds to the delivery of the goods from the warehouse.
Checking and editing can be done in the MALL Partner Portal directly in the section Delivery section.

ATTENTION! In the case of the use of MALL Delivery this information is added by MALL.

The image below is an example of how the customer sees this setup.

On order

For longer delivery times (>7 days), customers will now see information next to products that the item is only available Upon ordering from partner. It is set directly for the specific product or variant and is superior to the delivery time in the Delivery settings section.

Settings by connection typeon order

For manual connection, the Delivery delay must be set directly for the specific product in the MALL Partner portal.
In the Products section, select the product for which you want to change the delivery date. Via the eye icon, you can go to edit and in the Basic tab on the right side of the screen there is a Shipping and Packaging section where you fill in the Availability field for the desired number of days.

For correct settings for Heureka Feed connection, the Delivery_Date element is modified in the product feed.

For MALL XML Feed you need to fill in the element in the product feed with the name Delivery_Delay.

For connection via API the delivery date is set via Product update or Variants.


It is important whether you enter the delivery date in the Shipping section or set it directly in the product.
ATTENTION! If a delivery date of 7+ days is entered in the Shipping section, the customer still sees on the website that the goods are in stock (In stock with partner) and expects fast delivery.

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