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In this article, we would like to introduce the possibility of our logistics solutions within MALL Partner Program.
When implementing your company, it is necessary to choose the right method of transport for the delivery of consignments to the end customer according to your needs and preferences.

The customer cannot choose a carrier in the shopping cart online, but only the transportation method for home delivery or pick-up point. It is therefore necessary to create one carrier for each type of smallbox/bigbox delivery in our system.

What are the options?

MALL Delivery

As part of our program, we offer the possibility of using our logistics service MALL Delivery, which offers delivery of consignments of smaller dimensions, the so-called smallbox with minimal cost and administrative impact on you.

Unlike other shipping methods, your responsibility for changes in order statuses during service MALL Delivery ends when you hand over the shipment to the carrier and change the order status to SHIPPED.
Our system will automatically add tracking data (so that the customer can track the shipment) and then the final status.

We will arrange the delivery of goods for you, where we also collect the payment for the delivery directly from customers. You do not have to pay for delivery and all financial flows for the delivery of orders are between MALL and the customer. More information about the MALL Delivery service can be found here

Other carriers

There are cases when MALL Delivery service is not yet possible, for example with large shipments of so-called bigbox or as part of the delivery of specific consignments (alcohol, where an age check is required, etc.). In these cases, financial flows and all administration is within your competence, including changes of states in the partner portal. At the same time, it is necessary to add tracking data.

WE|DO/Save by WE|DO

If the above prevents you from using the MALL Delivery service, you have the option of connecting directly to the WE|DO system. The advantage of using this connection is the extension of the Storage by WE|DO dispensing and delivery points.
In this case, you should contact WE|DO at

PPL, DPD, TNT, Czech Post and others…

If you already have a carrier in your e-shop with whom you have a contract, it is possible to use them. However, as part of the implementation on our website, it is necessary to set up this carrier. An overview of all carriers can be found here.

Own carriers

If you are one of the partners which sell specific goods and handles logistics with your own transport, it is necessary to contact our Help Center for consultation and setting up the system.

In addition to the delivery settings, it is important to have the delivery delay and close time set correctly. More information can be found here.

In addition to the Delivery delay settings, it is also possible to modify the payment method, specifically removing the cash on delivery option. More information can be found in the article How to process an order.

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