For partners who have chosen Heureka feed as their connection type, you only need to follow a few basic steps to start selling. Once you have completed the business part of the process, i.e. agreeing to the GTC, providing all the documents and other procedural requirements, all the possibilities and features of the MALL Partner portal will be fully opened. Below you will find a complete step-by-step guide on how to set everything up in order to proceed to the start of the sale.

We have also covered each of the issues in an instructional video, which you will find at the end of each topic section. Videos are only available in Czech, but they can help you navigate through the partner portal.

In case you are interested in more information, you will find all topics covered in our knowledge base with detailed articles.

Important: It is necessary that you follow all the steps described below. It is not possible to activate an account that is only partially set up.


Basic account and contact settings

For a successful launch, you first need to make some basic settings in your portal.

Setting up your accounts

After you register, the email you registered with is assigned as the administrator. This account has higher privileges when setting up your account.

It is possible to change the administrator account and it is also possible to give access to the portal to other employees or to allow access via other email addresses.

Contact and address settings

It is necessary to set up contacts in the portal so each role is assigned to at least one email address.

It is necessary to have the addresses listed in the portal so each role is assigned to at least one address.

Multiple roles can be assigned to the same address or email.

Notification settings

During your time on MALL Partner, you can turn on notification emails for specific situations for your convenience. We recommend that you set up and turn on these notifications. At the same time, we recommend that you visit the portal regularly to work with the different parts of the portal.

Sandbox account

In order to continue working on MALL Partner, it is important to have your login details for your sandbox account saved. This allows you to preview your products before they are published. It is also used to check that the products you have uploaded to the portal have all the right things, such as the necessary parameters and their values. You always log in to your sandbox account on the MALL Partner page for your country.

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Delivery settings

If you want to sell on the market in the Czech or Slovak Republic, we recommend that you first explore the MALL Delivery service. This will facilitate the order processing process on MALL Partner and is provided free of charge. You can apply for the service in the portal under the offer Transport -> MALL Delivery.

Setting up your own delivery

Setting up suitable delivery option is one of the conditions for launching your products online. The division of shipments into smallbox and bigbox is governed by the conditions we have set and you can find the details in the article here. Please note that it is not possible to scale traffic based on weight within the Heureka feed connection.

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Products and their upload

To upload products, you first need to know a few basic conditions. MALL specifies the basic conditions for the appearance of the product, the essential requirements for their categorization and parameters with the values that the products must contain, and more. You can control all the modifications you make to the products through the sandbox account we described above.

Product appearance

There are a few basic conditions for uploading products to MALL Partner portal, primarily to further promote your products in paid campaigns. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in your product being excluded from these campaigns and, in the worst case, even withdrawn from the site. By following as many of these conditions and recommendations as possible, you increase the possibility of successful sales of your products.

Heureka feed essentials and specifics

Before you can enter your feed into the portal, there are a few conditions that need to be met in addition to the product data. The following video describes in detail how to write the elements and which are mandatory for selling on MALL.

First insertion and playing of Heureka feed

If you've created a product and availability feed that matches the conditions that MALL sets, it's time to put the feeds in your portal and let them play. We recommend at this point to check first of all the validity of your feeds symbolized by the overview icon below the window.

For a feed to be played properly, all administrative and business requirements must also be met. You can find out if your account is ready in the Partner menu. If your account is marked with a blue icon indicating the stage Testingthe dates can be played. If not, contact your dealer to complete the procedural requirements.

"Feed Status" tab

If you have successfully inserted a valid availability and product feed in the previous step, the portal will detail the status of your feed.
In the tab Feed status you will find information about uploaded products as well as products that failed to upload from the feed or were deleted from the database, all with detailed informative reports. Please pay due attention to this tab. Only by removing the displayed errors and making the correct settings will you be guaranteed to display the maximum number of products from your feed.

Categories using Heureka feed

Indication of the product category is one of the mandatory elements of the Heureka feed connection. When using the Heureka feed, matching is very easy when using valid categories from the Heureka tree for a given country, as it is done automatically. The condition is that the correct data is used CATEGORY_TEXT from the most detailed tree level possible for the country. It is then also possible to map categories in the portal to individual Heureka tree categories if necessary.
For all cases, we have prepared detailed documentation and instructions on how to work with categories in the Heureka feed. Only by pairing as many categories as possible will you get all your products uploaded to our system.

Brands using Heureka feed

The brand is one of the mandatory data in the uploading of products to MALL. A product that will not have an element listed in your feed MANUFACTURER with the corresponding brand information will not be uploaded to our system.

Pairing parameters and values within the Heureka feed

If you have products loaded in the portal, the next step is to pair parameters and values. This step is mandatory for creating variant products. It is also highly recommended for non-variant products. Providing valid parameters with values highly increases the chances of selling your products.
Please note that only parameters with values that are correctly listed in the feed according to Heureka's technical specifications can be paired with our parameters and values within the MALL Partner portal.

"Box management" or BIGBOX products within the Heureka feed

If you offer products within your portfolio that are bigbox, which we described in the transport setup, you need to tag these products using the Box control in your portal. These products are then assigned the corresponding transport from the ones you have set.

"Product management" or fixing product classification in Heureka feed

Notice: Product management is an advanced feature. Do not use product management for products with variants. Before uploading the file, check the correct formatting of the file, which must be a CSV in UTF-8 format.

Within the portal, it is possible to use the Product Management function. This is used to move a product to another category of the MALL tree in a given country. The Product Management function is parented to the Pairing Parameters and Values function, if you are using it, add any parameters and values you wish to assign to products via this route.

Notice: Incorrect use of the function will cause the product to be deleted from the system. If you want to use this feature, please follow our instructions exactly.

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As part of your operation on MALL Partner portal, a user-friendly environment for working with orders is provided for you. In addition, we have prepared a large number of add-ons that can make your work with orders easier. Which add-ons we offer for which systems can be found in the Services menu.

Before you start to sell on our website we recommend making a few test orders in your portal to see how the orders work.

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The last requirement that needs to be fulfilled before launching for sale is the creation of linking your affiliate site with your e-shop. The affiliate page serves as a unique page within MALL Partner only for your eshop and is thus one of your potential sources of sales. Linking partner pages improves their visibility for internet search engine users and also brings more traffic directly to your products - so the product offer will be more traceable on the internet overall.

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I'm ready to start selling

Have you completed all the steps above? Excellent. You are now one step away from launching your products. Let us know that you have created the linking and made all the settings through the Help Center scenario we have prepared for you here.

We have summarized the steps that have been described in this article that you need to take in a video.

Our integration and content department will review your account and send you the review of your products and the result of the account review by email. If everything is done according to the instructions, your account will be switched to production and you will be able to activate your products, i.e. display them on the website to your customers. Please note that it will only be possible to activate the products after the approval of MALL.

Please note that product activation is a unilateral process that is not reversible, activated products cannot be reverted back to draft status. Any deactivation must then be done through your feed, through the availability of the goods.

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For proper functioning in the MALL Partner program, we also recommend reading the billing instructions in detail.

If you use Self-billing, please read the basic information here, for details of the credit note please see here. For manual billing, please read the article here. For offsets please read the article here. For more details on the billing process, please contact your sales representative.

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Please send us all your questions during and after the upload process via our Help Center. We are continuously adding new scenarios to help you solve your problems and answer your questions.

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