If a situation arises where the customer does not take delivery of the delivered goods or the carrier does not deliver it for some reason (customer not found, wrong address), the shipment will be returned to you according to the process of individual carriers.

MALL Delivery

When using the service MALL Delivery (only for CZ and SK) the shipment is returned to the delivery office or directly to your warehouse. If the goods are returned to the delivery branch, you are sent an email notification, which must be set up in MALL Partner portal.
In order to receive the shipment, it is necessary to prove the so-called. return PINwhich is sent to your email address every month.

After picking up the shipment, the status is set automatically RETURNED.
See the article for more information on this process Undelivered shipments at the MALL Delivery service.
If you have trouble picking up the return due to an invalid PIN, please contact Operations team.

Save by WE | DO

If you cooperate with Uloženka by WE | DO, the shipments are handed over to you at the filing branch (it is necessary to prove it with a return PIN, which is sent at regular intervals to an email address or communicated to you at obchod@ulozenka.cz) or by pick-up to your address. We recommend that you have the collection protocol signed during the collection.
After physical acceptance, it is necessary to set the status RETURNED from your side.
If there is a problem retrieving the return due to an invalid PIN, please contact Uloženka by WE | DO.

For other contracted carriers, follow their set process, which you have agreed with them.

RETURNED is the final state, it is no longer possible to change it from your MALL Partner portal.
If you set the state incorrectly RETURNED, follow the article Incorrect order status.

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