During our cooperation, there may be a situation where the customer receives an incomplete order. This may be due to incomplete (incorrect) packaging or insufficient availability of goods.

Whether the end customer informs us of this situation or you, we need to find out how we will proceed with regard to customer satisfaction.
He can request the sending of the missing goods or claim Withdrawal from the purchase agreement (OOKS) or he will keep what was delivered to him and the rest will be settled financially.

Before we begin to describe how to proceed with an incomplete shipment, it is necessary to devote a few words to how to prevent this situation, because a satisfied customer is most important to us.

The basis is correct product availability settings and its regular inspection. With low or no stock, the product must be withdrawn from the offer in time to avoid orders that cannot be delivered. You can find out how to download products from the menu here, or contact Onboarding team.

Delivery of an incomplete order - the customer wants to send the missing product

If an incomplete order is sent and the customer contacts MALL / Mimovrste after inspection and is still interested in the undelivered goods, we will contact you regarding the shipment of the missing product. At that point, you will be asked to send the product to the customer's address at your expense. In this case, the service cannot be used for sending MALL Delivery.
If you no longer have the goods in stock and the order has the status DELIVERED, Operations team creates the so-called fictitious return and you will be sent a request for credit note.

Insufficient stock availability

If you find that a part of your order is out of stock before the product has been withdrawn, please contact Operations team before the expected shipment of the order. Subsequently, we will contact the customer, the original order will be set to status by us CANCELED and a new one will be created with only available products.

If the entire order is unavailable, set the status CANCELED and the customer will be sent an automatically generated order cancellation email.
CANCELED status will be included in canceled order statistics - Cancel rate.

Delivery of an incomplete order - the customer does not want to send the missing product

There may also be a situation where an incomplete order has been sent, the customer wants to keep the delivered goods and is no longer interested in the missing product, regardless of whether you have the missing goods available or not. Because the delivered order is marked as DELIVERED and this state cannot be changed, Operations team creates fictitious return and send you a request to create credit.

In any case, if you encounter any of the above situations, please contact us as soon as possible so that the customer does not have a negative experience with the purchase at MALL / Mimovrste.

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