In this article, we would like to introduce you to situations that may occur when processing orders, such as when you the customer does not pick up the goods, returns the goods within the statutory period (Withdrawal from the purchase contract - hereinafter referred to as "OOKS") or him wants to complain.
Other cases that may occur during the processing of orders are: return of the shipment due to non-delivery by the carrier, incorrectly entered final status or delivery of incomplete goods.

1. The customer did not accept the goods

How to solve the situation of a returned shipment due to non-acceptance by the customer or non-delivery by the carrier is described in the article The customer did not accept the goods, which contains information on how to get to the returned shipment.

2. Withdrawal from the purchase contract - OOKS

Based on the purchase contract, the customer has the right to return undamaged and unused goods within the deadlines set by the relevant legal regulations at any MALL / Mimovrste branch or by sending it to the address of the Distribution Center.

If the packaging of the goods is not the subject of the purchase contract, the customer is entitled to return the goods in damaged packaging. 

For more information, see the article on Withdrawal from the purchase contract.

3. Complaint goods

If the customer complains about the purchased goods, he can contact our Call Center or MALL / Mimovste branches. In some cases, the customer can claim the goods directly from you. More detailed information about the process of claiming goods can be found in the article here.

4. Incorrectly set status DELIVERED or incomplete order delivered - fictitious return

There may be situations where the status is set incorrectly DELIVEREDwhich is non-refundable or for shipment incomplete goods . It is necessary to solve this situation through the generation process fictitious return and issuing a credit note. Information on fictitious returns is available here.

5. Credit note

Credit, or Corrective tax document, serves to settle the creditor 's claim (in this case you as a partner) against the debtor (MALL / Mimovrste).
A credit note is created on the basis of returned goods, whether it is a claim for goods, withdrawal from the purchase contract or a fictitious return.
Follow the information in the article to get the credit written correctly What is in a credit note.
In the case of self-billing, use the article on Credit in self-billing.

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