In the following article, you will learn more about the correct appearance of the product on our website and how to achieve the desired appearance.

Before the actual launch of the products (products in theLive") Our content is being reviewed. This review usually takes approximately one business day, and we focus on a few key points, which are: categorization, product name, cover photos, additional images in the gallery, price, short and long descriptions, and parameters.

After the check, you will receive a table with possible comments on the incorporation.
For partners in the implementation process, if their products do not meet the content conditions above 70%, then they will not go on sale without subsequent repair. Products with serious deficiencies (such as poor quality images, incorrect categorization, etc.) also cannot be activated without correction, regardless of the percentage achieved.

This article will help you correct any comments so that the product display is correct.

Product presentation is very important from the customer's point of view and also reflects the competitiveness of the product. That is why we recommend paying due attention to the appearance of your products.
The product description affects both the detail and the product listing, it affects SEO and up to 75% total conversion takes place through the product detail.
Negligence in the content conditions may result in a reduction in the competitiveness of the product and the customer may not be attracted to the product in the list of products enough to open its detail.

In a few points, you will find the key attributes that the product should contain and how to deal with them appropriately.

Notice 1 .:
MALL reserves the right to download the product from the website if the quality of the appearance of the products is not observed.

Notice 2 .:
The maximum number of 1 piece of a specific product that can be placed in one order is 30. Therefore, for products that have a low price (such as screws), we recommend creating packages of several pieces.

In addition to this article, please also follow the established good practices for individual fields.

1. Set in category

The product must be included in the corresponding category corresponding to the structure of our category tree for that country. It is very important to follow the conditions for the given category, otherwise the product will not appear on the website.

There are 3 basic types of conditions in our system:

  • Category ID - just enter the category ID and the product will be listed correctly
  • Category ID + 1 sorting parameter - it is necessary to specify ID + given parameter
  • Category ID + 2 sorting parameters - it is necessary to specify ID + both mandatory parameters

You will find the conditions here, just select the target category. In this section, in addition to the conditions, you will also find all accessible parameters for the selected category. You can download the parameters and their values in the XLS or JSON structure.
A more detailed description of categories, sorting parameters and their values can be found in the article here.

If the product cannot be classified anywhere (there is no corresponding category on our website), please contact us via FAQ or contact your specialist directly from Onboarding the team that handles the connection with you.

Why it is important to put the product in the right category

The importance of placing a product in the right category does not only affect the user, whom you will make easier, but also has a major impact on search engines, both for paid ads and especially SEO (traffic from organic search results). Therefore, a specific product should always be placed in the relevant category. This will drive more website traffic, improve your CTR (clickthrough rate), and also improve the sales of your products.

Example: A partner specializes in stationery and offers products from scissors, crayons, papers to paper boxes. Each “unique type of product” => Scissors, Crayons, Papers, etc. must be included in its own category. The categorization tree would then look like:

Stationery (main categories)

  • scissors (subcategory)
  • crayons (subcategory)
  • papers (subcategories)
  • cardboard (subcategory)
  • apod.

Problems with categorisation

When uploading products, you may encounter an error Forbidden combination of category "" and brand "". This message means that the product of the selected brand cannot be offered in that category.

Combinations are not allowed to be sold based on MALL's internal business decisions. If you place a product in a category where it does not belong, or attempt to replace a brand with another brand that the system would allow, this is a violation of MALL's content terms and conditions and the product may be removed from the site.

If you receive the above error message when attempting to update an already uploaded product, you must delete the product and its variants from the system, the product cannot be offered.

For more information on protected brands, please contact your sales representative.

2. Product name

The product name should contain the product word designation (type) + identification code, if this makes sense given the type of product.
From an SEO point of view, it is important to state the words that are key and according to which the customer normally searches and should not be composed only of numbers or codes.

Keywords in product names are also important to more accurately target the queries that users or customers are looking for. Whether in searches in search engines such as Google, as well as in our internal Search and other paid channels.

Also avoid general terms for products that may confuse the meaning of the product without the picture.

Example No. 1

More accurate name: Kela Curved cake scoop RONDO, stainless steel

Example No. 2
Incorrect name: T2VA00AB adidas 38 red
Correct name: Running shoes red size 38 T2VA00AB

The name must also not be written in capital letters. The maximum number of characters is 200.
The name must not be repeated in the name. The system automatically adds the brand to the product name from the filled in field "Mark"(BRAND_ID), so there is no need to re-insert it in the name.
You can find more detailed information about brands here.

For variant or similar products, the name must include an identifier on the basis of which the customer is able to distinguish between different types of products, especially if they have the same photo or the difference cannot be read from the photo (eg 2 identical pairs of shoes with 2 completely different sizes ).

The product may contain an additional gift as part of the package. In this case, it is necessary to state the gift in the product name (only after the product name itself), and include the information in the short or long product description.

3. Front-page photo

The front-page photo must be sharp, unblurred, readable, on a white background, and should represent the product, ideally from the front.
It may not contain watermarks, logos, or any other unwanted elements that Google considers invalid, as a large number of customers come to us through Google.
Incorrect front-page photo therefore directly affects the traceability and traffic of the product.

If it is a multi-piece package, it is advisable to use a picture that will contain all the variants in the package. The picture should show the same number of pieces as sold to the customer.

Recommended resolution and format:
- 1280px x 1024px, max 2000px x 2000px
- min. size 100 KB and max. size 2 MB
- supported formats - JPEG, GIF and PNG

4. Pictures in gallery

We recommend that the product have more images in the gallery, the maximum number is 20 images.
All images must represent the specific product for which they are displayed. In the case of color variations, the images must be assigned to the correct product variations.

Lifestyle photos can be displayed at the end of the gallery if the product is displayed on them.
The gallery must not contain amateur photographs. Images must not contain watermarks or other unwanted elements, the logo can only be used if it is commercially important information (eg product certification).

For a product from fashion categories, we prefer photos on a white background, or other high-quality lifestyle photos that show the product appropriately.

Recommended resolution and format:
- 1280px x 1024px, max 2000px x 2000px
- min. size 100 KB and max. size 2 MB
- supported formats - JPEG, GIF and PNG

5. Short description

A brief introduction that should include information about a specific product that the customer needs to see first.
A short description is also displayed in the product list, so we recommend placing the most important product characteristics here.

In the first sentence of the short description, it is ideal to re-enter the product name with the keyword.

Product name Dino FROZEN II 12 Wooden blocks
Short description: The wooden cubes have pictures from the fairy tale Ice Kingdom II. The package contains 12 pieces of cubes and pictures according to which children can fold the cubes. Everything is packed in a cardboard box.

The maximum number of characters is 300.

The short description should be written in whole sentences, but clearly and logically. It cannot have half a sentence or word.
The text must be meaningful and written in local language, not translated via an automatic translator.
Do not provide warranty or shipping information here.

In the case of a variant product, a distinction is needed if it is important for the illustration.

6. Long description

A long description should provide more detailed information about the product in a clear and structured form. It may not promote the manufacturer's services and contain URL links to other websites or e-mail addresses.
The text should be meaningful and written in the local language, not translated through an automatic translator.
The maximum length of a long label is 13,000 characters.

In long descriptions, we recommend providing all the information that will make it easier for customers to buy the product. Thus, parameters such as: size, material, dimensions, colors, composition, etc., product properties
example: waterproof, flashlight, playing, etc.
Everything in a clear and structured form.

The description should be balanced without bold or capital letter text, and should not include custom styles, such as colouring or a specific font. It is also not possible to provide warranty or shipping information here.

The text may contain images as long as they are not disturbing.
There may be a video at the end of the long description, which you can paste by copying the URL link. The video must be product-related, cannot contain ads or links to your site, and should be in the appropriate language (at least with subtitles).

The display and accompanying information for some product types are required by law, so it is necessary to comply with these regulations.
For example: animal feed and fashion must contain the composition. The chemical must contain safety instructions, a table or a warning.

Both long and short captions are an important part of Google search engine optimization / listing, so we encourage them to pay due attention.

7. Energy labels

As the EU energy labelling for certain categories of electrical appliances changed in March 2021, products need to be updated to comply with all the new regulations.  

The changes took place in the following categories: 

- Monitors  
- Television  
- Washing machines  
- Refrigerators  
- Built-in freezers  
- Freestanding freezers  
- Wine cellars  
- Washing machines 

Guidelines for new energy labels by connection type
  • Manual connection
  • API
  • MALL Feed
  • Heureka Feed

8. Parameters

The product must have correctly filled in the relevant parameters in the given local language.
It is important to be extremely careful when entering values for parameters that specify units (cm, mm, g, kg, etc.).
For example: Granules for dogs - the weight is given in kg in the parameter, if you state 1500 (in grams), 1500 kg will be written on the website.

If you do not find the necessary parameters in the category, it is necessary that this information is included at least in the long description.
Parameters for individual categories can be downloaded in the MALL Partner portal, in the „Categories” section, just search for a specific category. All parameter values defined by MALL can be exported in JSON or XLS format. You can also find a complete list of all parameters of the selected category and their values in our API.

The customer often uses parameter filters for more specific search results, the product without the filled in parameters will not be displayed in the product list.
For example: in the Women's sneakers category, the partner sends only the size parameter and does not send color. The customer is looking for women's sneakers, where he chooses a specific size and color, but because the partner does not send any color, the product will be excluded from the search results.

Checking the content of products in points

Here you will find a brief overview of the points we focus on in the content control, as well as password-based examples of correctly and incorrectly incorporated attributes.

Set in category- product is set correctly
- the more specific the product, the more specific the category
- other category (e.g. bicycle in three wheel category)
- (garden rakes in garden rakes not only in garden tools)
Product nameAutomatically filled in brand + product + type (+ possible gift)
or automatically filled in brand + product (+ possible gift)
– label + product + label
– only code indication
– title with all capital letters
Front-cover photograph and gallery– sharp, unblurred, readable, on a white background, and should represent the product, ideally from the front
– more images  
– Lifestyle photos at the end
– blurred, unspecified or lifestyle images 
– contains inappropriate, commercial or other unwanted elements
– does not apply to given product
– contains more colour variants
Price- sent with VAT in local currency
- may not include a commission
- CZK currency for,,    
Short description- continuous and keyword text
- basic characteristics of the product
- contains keyword / product name   
– unfinished word or sentence
– badly structured, not easily read
– translated through auto translator
– sentences in points
Long description– uninterrupted and brief text
– product characteristic
– video at the end with no commercials
– properly located images
– parts of HTML
– references
– promo of partner or other products, warranty or shipping information
– badly structured, not easily read
– translated through auto translator
Parameters– critical parameters filled in
– if parameters are not needed, information is mentioned in long description of product
- parameters are not filled in

By better classification of products into relevant categories, correct product naming, inclusion of keywords in the title, short and long description, you increase the relevance of the product / category landing page, which directly affects and improves both traffic to the landing page and especially increases sales of your products on paid and unpaid channels.

You can also watch our instructional video.

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