Below you will find basic information concerning most partners going through the onboarding process at MALL Partner Program.

1. MALL XML Feeds

The basic requirement for cooperation with MALL is the partner's ability to generate a product and availability feed, according to MALL specifications. The partner uploads their feeds in the administration of the MALL partner portal in the feeds section.

2. MALL Partner portal

Login to the portal can be found here:
The administrator account is created by the partner during registration, or by a MALL sales manager for the partner. If you did not set a password during registration, you can use the function of forgotten password:

3. Links to useful documents and manuals

4. From the onboarding view the partner must have the following points resolved before getting started:

  • Resolved contract and administrative matters.
  • Compiled product and availability MALL XML Feed.
  • Completely uploaded product portfolio. Products must meet quality requirements. MALL will check the products before they are published.
  • Established delivery settings (information for shopping cart).
  • Filled in contact details, including addresses (especially address of the warehouse).
  • Have a link to MALL provided on your e-shop / website.
  • Correctly set closing time.

If the above steps are met and there are no other individual barriers, the partner will obtain permission from MALL to release products online.

5. Brands & EAN

  • If the partner comes across a brand that is new to MALL, they can apply for their creation here.
    MALL will create the brand and provide the partner with brand_id. Brand_id will soon become a mandatory element. Partners uploading new products will do so directly with the given brand. Brands not yet established are shown in the error log of the product feed (unknown brand). You may also use the endpoint for the list of brands.
  • EAN will soon become a mandatory element like brand_id. Partners listing new products therefore upload them directly with the EAN filled in. For more information, please see here.

6. Categories, parameters and values

Partner can download parameters and their values in the partner portal in the category section. Alternatively, it is possible to set categories, parameters and their values using specific endpoints.

7. Communication

Contact addresses have been set up for partners for effective communication. As part of speeding up the communication, partners state their partner number / company name in the subject of e-mails. Alternatively, partners can also use the help centre.

8. API (optional - orders)

Client_id („API key“) can be found in the MALL partner portal in the Partner section.
Online API documentation:

  • Complete description of API.
  • A client that makes it easier for partners to implement API if they use PHP.
  • Pre-set SDK package.

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