Below you will find basic information concerning most partners going through the onboarding process at MALL Partner Program.


The basic prerequisite for working with MALL is the partner's ability to generate product and availability feeds based on HEUREKY's specifications. Note that there may be a different mandatory element set for MALL.

2. MALL Partner portal

Login to the portal can be found here:
The admin account is created by the partner during registration, or by a MALL employee.
If you did not set a password during registration, you can use the function of forgotten password:

3. Before you can start selling on MALL, you need to resolve the following:

If the above points are met and there are no other individual barriers, the partner will obtain a permit from MALL to publish products and start selling on MALL.

4. Communication

For effective communication FAQ has been set up for partners. Alternatively, partners can also use contact addresses. As part of speeding up the communication, partners state their partner number / company name in the subject of e-mails.

5. API (optional - orders)

Client_id ("API key") can be found by the partner in the MALL partner portal in the section Partner.
Online API documentation is available here:

  • Complete description of API.
  • A client that makes it easier for partners to implement API if they use PHP.
  • Pre-set SDK package.

6. Important information about using the HEUREKA XML feed connection

The undeniable advantage of uploading products using HEUREKA XML feeds is the speed of starting sales with a large number of products. However, the following facts must be taken into account.

  • Primarily, there is no direct browsing into the tree of MALL categories.
    Categories are assigned automatically based on CATEGORYTEXT. The MALL and HEUREKA trees are not 1: 1. In case of incorrect classification of the product reported by MALL, it is necessary move products manually.
  • HEUREKA feed does not contain a universal element for product weight. Therefore, unlike other connections, it is not possible to use delivery settings according to product weight. The division is possible into smallbox and bigbox and it is also possible to set the delivery according to the total price of the order.
    The issue of pricing the delivery is eliminated when using the service MALL Delivery.
  • Delivery information in the HEUREKA product XML feed is not taken into account in MALL. Information about the delivery options has to be entered in the MALL Partner portal.
  • All items to be sold on MALL must have an availability record in the availability feed. Otherwise, they would appear unavailable on the web.
  • Variants are created on the MALL "via a parameter" and it is necessary to state such a parameter (typically color, size, weight, etc.) and its value in your product feed and have it paired and marked as a variant in the partner portal. There can only be two variant parameters for each category.
  • It is not possible to use multiple parameter values at this time.
  • Uploading products using HEUREKA XML feeds is only possible on MALL.CZ and MALL.SK.
  • HEUREKA feeds do not contain the equivalent of product labels (LABEL). It is therefore not possible to use product highlighting on MALL to full extent.
  • The brand name cannot be specified in the product / variant name on MALL, because MALL already assigns the brand name automatically based on the element MANUFACTURER. The solution is to not include the brand name in the element PRODUCTNAME . MALL can remove the brand name in the product name automatically if it is exactly the same. The condition can be verified immediately after browsing the products. The ideal procedure for removing duplicate tags you can consult with the Onbording team via FAQ.

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